A Model Village in the Modern Era

In the evolutionary progress of humanity, we have arrived at an era of empowerment for all. The accumulated wisdom of humanity should enable good use of all development and tools of technology for all. It should lead to Sahajivan Swaraj where the ideal self-reliant self rule is ensured for all.


1. Sahajivan Swaraj

2. solar energy in all houses and institutions, skill development

3. natural health care, skill development

3. natural farming, skill development

4. no waste accumulation, used at source, skill development.

5. water collection and conservation

6. no waterlogging, free flow,

7. no water pollution, no air pollution

8. plenty of open spaces

9. Plenty of public places for rest and recreation

10. food production at all available places

11. Sharing by all

12. co-operative enterprises

13. Daily meetings

14. common reading rooms and other facilities

15.Skill training and development centres.

16. Counselling and coaching

17. Self-help groups , ayalkuttams

18. Shramdan to work together for clean and construct

19. Banking to include all

20. No liquor or drugs

Dr. NN Panicker

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