Tirurpuzha Sahajivanam: 4th Anniversary – 9 day program

Puzhakuttam Kuntanat Katav
Dear friends of rivers,
Your blessings are requested for a unique experiment on river rejuvenation going on for four years in Tirur. You are welcome to participate.The special events this year will start on the International Day of Action for Rivers and end on the World Water Day, as in 2014.
9-Day Program in Tirur, India. A self-reliant community initiative to rejuvenate a dying river in Tirur, Kerala, India will have activities starting on Saturday, March 14, 2015 (The International Day of Action for Rivers). Study tour along the river ‘Tirurpuzha’, from Arabian Sea outfall to its source in Athavanat, and Public meetings and Discussions along the way will take place for nine days ending on March 22 (The World Water Day).

The state of the river and the community initiatives will be reviewed. The 40 “Puzhakuttams” (River Assemblies) established along the 48 km long river will be revisited. The travel along the river for each stretch will be from 2 pm to 5 pm every day.  Public Meeting  will be from 5 pm to 6 pm  at the ending Puzhakuttam.

Day 1. Saturday, March 14 (International Day for Action for Rivers): Study Tour from Arabian Sea outlet to Kuttayi Regulator. Public Meeting in Mangalam Puzhakuttam and discussion on Causes of river death,  Effects on people.

Day 2. Sunday, March 15:  Study tour from Kuttayi to Kunjili katav Puzhakuttam. Revival of Farming, Fishing, Mangroves.

Day 3. Monday, March 16:  From Kunjili katav to Noor Lake. Promotion of Aquatics, Life Saving, Biodiversity.

Day 4. Tuesday, March 17:  From Noor Lake to Tirur Boat Jetty Puzhakuttam. Revival of waterway, Prevention of pollution.

Day 5. Wednesday, March 18:  From Tirur Boat Jetty to Kanath katav Puzhakuttam. Waste conversion at source into resources, Protest and Direct Action, Green Tribunal order and execution.

Day 6. Thursday, March 19:  From Kanath katav to Kuntanat katav Puzhakuttam. Model Puzhakuttam activities and possibilities.

Day 7. Friday, March 20:  From Kuntanat katav to Thalakatathur Puzhakuttam. Riven Cleaning, Shore protection, Study Samples for unusual Soil- Water phenomena.

Day 8. Saturday, March 21:  From Thalakatathur to Ezhur. Natural Living, Natural Farming, Biogas.

Day 9. Sunday, March 22: (The World Water day). From Ezhur to Athavanat Ayyapanov Puzhakuttam. Rain Water storage, Forest Protection.

All are welcome. The Tirurpuzha Sahajivanam prototype experiment in river rejuvenation, through self-reliant community initiative, started in 2011 with a 12-point, comprehensive plan of activities.

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